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Lavish Klass

Multifunctional Cotton Baby Carrier Waist Stool

Multifunctional Cotton Baby Carrier Waist Stool

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The fabric is 100% cotton, all indicators of the fabric can meet the latest European standards, please rest assured to buy

* Safety Code *

1. For safety reasons, the strap must be used in accordance with the user guide.

2. Always ensure that the baby has breathing air.

3. Check the strap before each use. If you find any damage or have any questions before use, you should call the product service hotline for consultation.

4. It is not suitable to use the strap during the exercise.


1. * BS EN13209-2: 2005 weight requirements: minimum load: 2 kg load: 9 kg **, the recommended load is 15 kg.

2. Make sure that safety buckles are required in all cases.

3. Be careful when bending forward or leaning forward.

4. Pay attention to your and your children's activities, which may cause you to lose your normal balance.

5. Be careful not to overheat your baby, especially at high temperatures or when your baby has a fever or illness.

6. Do not use the strap when cooking in front of a stove or near a heat source.

Why choose it?

1) Suitable for people of different shapes.

2) Two adjustable shoulder straps are designed to tighten or loosen the fence on both sides.

3) You can switch your left and right shoulders.

4) There are 5 kinds of back method {front back method face inward back face outward back sleep sleeping feeding back method side back method}

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